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In the last few years, the sophistication of snooping methods has considerably increased and made every data transfer literally transparent to anybody who bothers to access it. We are now at a point where using the internet without protection is simply not an option anymore. Whatever you may be doing online, you are not alone. You are observed or your data are conveniently recorded for later retrieval, review and analysis. We believe that in the 21st century every internet user has a right to privacy. That is why we made a service which guarantees you 100% privacy while using Bittorrent protocol.

At first sight, there is no difference in downloading with TorrentPrivacy and without it. But there is a HUGE difference: if you use TorrentPrivacy all your Bittorrent traffic is encrypted. From this moment neither the ISPs nor any other organizations can trace what you download. This way you will be ensured against unwanted lawsuits and traffic throttling.

TorrentPrivacy.com is a group of independent developers well known to you by several Bittorrent projects such as: Torrentreactor.Net, Fulldls.Com, Bushtorrent.Com, Nutorrent.com. You can be sure that we’re on your side! We know Bittorrent well – and are ready to solve the problems of your privacy.

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Threats & Solutions

In order to better understand the kind of service Torrent Privacy offers, you can read about the common threats internet users face today and our solutions.

Torrent Privacy Threats Torrent Privacy Solutions

ISP tracks and throttles your traffic

Everything you download can be seen by your ISP. They can watch your every step – beware! Some ISPs might even throttle Bittorrent traffic.


With TorrentPrivacy we encrypt your traffic

TorrentPrivacy creates secure encrypted tunnel via SSH protocol so all your Bittorrent traffic going through this tunnel and can’t be decrypted by others.


Your IP is seen to all trackers and peers

While you are downloading via bittorrent your IP address is fixed by trackers and seen to all peers. Everything you download is recorded!


With TorrentPrivacy your IP is concealed

Using TorrentPrivacy you’re seen as the user from Netherlands, Canada or USA this is where our servers are. Nobody will be able to identify your real IP. We do not save logs either.


You can be sued for downloading via Bittorrent

Every month hundreds of people are getting pre-lawsuit notices and some are sued. Do you have enough money to afford a lawyer in this case?


TorrentPrivacy ensures no lawsuits against you

With Torrent Privacy your IP is concealed and ISP can not monitor your traffic. Nobody will ever know what you’re doing. It is impossible to get pre-lawsuit notice.


Using proxy is not safe and anonymous

Proxy doesn’t encrypt your traffic, so your ISP still can monitor what you’re downloading and inform an appropriate organization.


Only encrypted connection dissembles what you’re doing

With TorrentPrivacy your Bittorrent traffic is going through SSH encrypted tunnel which is much more secure then simple proxy.


Encryption in torrent clients is a trick

Encryption which some bittorrent clients have is only to circumvent traffic throttling and not for security.


SSH protocol has strong 128 bit encryption

All data sent and received during the connection via secure SSH tunnel is extremely difficult to decrypt and read.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to use TorrentPrivacy software?

Yes, it is simple. After installation you just have to run TorrentPrivacy and after it creates secure tunnel already configured torrent client will be opened automatically. Use it for private connection. At the same time, you can use your other torrent clients for non private downloads.

How does TorrentPrivacy work?

Our special software creates secure tunnel via SSH protocol and all traffic which goes through this tunnel is totally encrypted the way nobody is able to read it. Configured torrent client is already included into the pack, so everything you download through this client will go through secure tunnel and will be downloaded privately. Also we provide you an access to special proxy for the most of world trackers in order not to reveal your IP address in case the tracker is inspected. The tracker will have only our IP address; you stay protected and unidentified.

Do you keep logs?

No, we just do not have them. We are not obliged by any law to keep logs and we have disabled logging for all our services. In addition, we disabled the disk caching wherever possible, and regularly run maintenance scripts to delete temporary data and compulsory cache files.

Why should I trust TorrentPrivacy?

We’re the group of independent developers well known to you by several Bittorrent projects such as: Torrentreactor.Net, Fulldls.Com, Bushtorrent.Com, Nutorrent.com. You can be sure that we’re on your side! We know Bittorrent well – and we’re ready to solve the problems of your privacy.

Are there bandwidth limits?

We do not impose bandwidth limits on any of our servers apart from “fair and reasonable use.” In case we indicate that you alone use more than 10-15 percent of all our subscribers total bandwidth on any of our servers, we will send you an e-mail asking you to reduce your bandwidth use or to regulate special terms of our service use. However, it has never happened through the history of our company.

My ISP is now monitoring for people downloading torrents and are terminating the accounts of people downloading torrents. Will your service help against this?

Yes, it will help. Your ISP won’t see you’re downloading torrents.

Is it necessary to be logged in to your web site in order for your software to work?

No, you just need to download it and install it.

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Here’s what others are saying about TorrentPrivacy!

For me it just works about 5-10% slower than regular utorrent. Connects good and I didn’t have any problems. Well, if I did have a couple, the support had it all fixed pretty quick. - Juan W.

Found it after I got my first notice from ISP. Too bad it’s not free, but I guess it’s not too expensive and way less then then if you get a fine form some company like riaa. – Tim H.

Use if for 3 or 4 months and suits me perfectly. At first it was kinda slow but then I switched the server and used some advice, it started to work quite good. Know many people that like it and use it pretty often (including my BF lol). – Zdeni P.

TorrentPrivacy Alternatives

Torrent Privacy AlternativesThere’s a common misconception going around about proxy servers being a quick and easy solution for anonymity: it’s false! Proxy servers only route information to a different location and your ISP can just as easily monitor your traffic. They do serve their purpose, but for Torrent anonymity they are next to useless. Not to mention the fact it’s next to impossible to find an affordable proxy server with decent bandwidth and connection speeds.

The second “alternative” are various other Torrent Privacy services which either require huge membership payments or are simply private, meaning it serves only a select group of individuals. Most of those servers, despite the huge costs also have bandwidth limits, and several hundred MBs per day is hardly enough for anyone these days.

TorrentPrivacy is the premier solution on the market and thousands of people already swear by it. It offers unparalleled security and bandwidth for only a fraction of price you’d get elsewhere.

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Torrent Privacy

Still not convinced? Here’s a list of features you get with TorrentPrivacy:

  • Download speeds up to 100 Mb/s
  • No bandwidth limits
  • No configuration needed
  • Secure access to trackers and encrypted traffic
  • Automatic connection restore
  • Extremely easy to setup and use
  • Tremendous support
  • and more.

TorrentPrivacy is the number one service for all your anonymity needs.

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